Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Its hard to imagine.

What if she wasn't around? What would i be doing? Would i be happy? Would i be stressed? Would i be struggling? Would i be enjoying life? Would i have someone else, someone who is wrong for me?

The last three months have been trying times. A lot has happened. I have had problems with the family back home. Not bad problems, just stressful things. The economy has gone downhill, and i am worried everyday about my job. We elected a baby killing terrorist as our next president. Just to name a few things. The last of which being the worst by far.

And yet, i find myself in complete happiness. I have two wonderful things going for me these days. I have the girl of my dreams, and i have my training. Maybe i will write another time about my training, but this is about her. She is everything i could ever imagine i want in a girl and more. She is so easy to be with its ridiculous. It hasn't been difficult at all. We get along perfectly. In 3 and a half months, we have disagreed maybe 2 or 3 times. We don't yell at each other, we don't get in these heated arguments. We talk out everything, and we continue being happy together. She puts in the effort that i do. She trusts me. She lets me be me. I trust her. She makes me smile. She is perfect for me. I have never fallen for someone like i am for her. Its an incredible feeling and experience and all i know is i just as excited for the next three months as i was for the past 3.

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Amy Trianne said...

I'm glad you two are doing well.