Friday, February 6, 2009


WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — A fired-up Barack Obama ditched his TelePrompter to rally House Democrats and rip Republican opponents of his recovery package Thursday night – at one point openly mocking the GOP for failing to follow through on promises of bipartisanship.

That's funny. H, might i remind you that YOUR THE ONE WHO WONT BUDGE. Your the idiot who put almost a billion dollars to go to "new polar ice breaking technologies". YOUR the idiot who refuses to work with anything the GOP wants. I agree that we don't need ALL the tax cuts the GOP is suggesting. But what happened to trying for unity. For "change". For bipartisanship. You sir are not willing to do anything the GOP is asking for. Why not work with them and make the best possible stimulus? Why do you preach change and unity, and then refuse to budge on your democracy stimulus. You lieing piece of garbage. I cant stand you. And i still am dumbfounded that you have fooled so many people into thinking your this amazing piece of work.